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Commercial Sector Commissions

Commercial work offers a variety of design and fabrication challenges. One of the pleasures this work has provided has been the opportunity to do restoration work as well as design and engineering work for new structures (often on on a large scale).

  • Fence and gates around the former Lincoln County Courthouse that has been converted to office space
  • Location: St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Client: The Corporation of the City of St. Catharines (George Robb, Architect)
  • Materials: Wrought iron, cast iron, and galvanized mild steel

  • Street signage for Bentley's Restaurant
  • Location: Stratford, Ontario
  • Client: Bentley's Restaurant
  • Materials: Powder-coated 18 gauge mild steel

  • Design element on the front of a chapel at a funeral home, meant to convey non-denominational nature of the setting
  • Location: Stratford, Ontario
  • Client: W. G. Young
  • Materials: Galvanized mild steel

  • Balcony railings and fire escape
  • Location: Bayfield, Ontario
  • Client: Little Inn in Bayfield
  • Materials: Galvanized mild steel

  • Gate, balcony railings, and porch railing
  • Location: Bayfield, Ontario
  • Client: The Red Pump Inn
  • Materials: Galvanized mild steel

  • Wine cellar gates in basement of former bank
  • Location: Wingham, Ontario
  • Client: Canadian Agra Inc
  • Materials: Painted mild steel

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